Water is misunderstood. Actually, so is the atom. A little clarity and perspective on these topics will perhaps give the word "vitalized" a more definitive meaning.

Over Unity Energy Device

Every atom is a miniature over-unity energy device. They constantly emit vibrations with no apparent input source of energy. If a proton were expanded to the size of a soccer ball (European “football”), the average boundary electron shell would be 10 miles away. That is equivalent to placing a soccer ball in the center of Denver, CO, and the “orbiting” electron would define the city limits - a 20-mile diameter.

There is a tremendous amount of “stuff” going on in that event horizon zone between the nucleus and the electrons where space becomes more akin to counterspace, and physics as we know it becomes phenomena. Under the proper conditions, all this counterspace can be turned into usable energy.

Compounds - H₂O

When two or more of these little atomic energy generators are brought together in some consonant fashion, energy is the result. This is why water is so valuable and vital to life. The hydrogen and oxygen atoms brought together are like a harmonic musical chord - the whole is greater than the sum of their parts….or more accurately, can be greater, if understood. The compound H₂O is a battery, a capacitor - and if manipulated in specific ways, an electrical generator that can produce much more energy than is currently being utilized.

3-Step Method

Dúnedain follows a 3-step method to naturally increase the electrical potential of water. Each step independently enhances water’s power. However, when combined in the proper sequence, the effect is compounded.

Mineral Activation
Water can become “dead” or “deactivated” - it loses its electrical potential. When water is exposed to carbon-based minerals, the hydrogen/oxygen bonds re-establish. This is the first step in vitalization.

Polarity Alignment
Once H₂O bonds are re-established, the next step in the vitalization process is collective molecular polarity alignment. This happens through vortexing the water. Under proper conditions, H₂O molecules begin to collectively align with each other, much like a crystal. The role of any crystal is to enhance vibration - the symmetry of aligned water molecules prepares it for the final step.

Atomic Induction
The majority of electricity generated today is the classic rotor/stator generator. Two dissimilar materials - iron and copper - are put in proximity to one another. Motion is introduced, and electricity is the outcome. Iron is ferromagnetic (attracting a magnetic field), and copper is diamagnetic (repelling a magnetic field).

Hydrogen and oxygen are also dissimilar materials. Hydrogen is diamagnetic, and oxygen is paramagnetic (attracting a magnetic field). Under the proper conditions, every H₂O molecule has the capacity to generate minute amounts of electricity. Collectively this can be substantial: if first the bonds are re-established, then collective polarity is performed, the role of magnetization can fine tune the spin rate for specific amounts of electrical generation.

The catch-all phrase “vitalized” now has very specific and measurable results. We are actually increasing the energy of water via its electrical potential.

Quantifiable Results

The effects of vitalized water can be measured within minutes. There are several methods Dúnedain uses to quantify the effects of vitalized water.

The preferred method of measuring the effects of vitalized water is measuring the voltage. By exploiting the formation of water’s “exclusion zone” (see Dr. Gerald Pollack, Univ. of WA), we are able to measure water’s voltage. Before and after vitalization trials sometimes show as much as 4x increased voltage. These measurements can be taken after only 5-minutes of vitalization.

Another important method to quantify the effects of vitalization is by measuring the electrical resistance, or “ohms”. While a higher water voltage equates to a huge positive, lower ohm readings do as well. The electrical resistance of vitalized water is always reduced, thus enhancing its ability to supply crops with vital power.

Dúnedain has performed dozens of crop “grows," or experiments using control water compared with vitalized water. Of course, the results are not immediate, though in every trial we have seen substantial increases in plant biomass (see Data Points). Depending on the plant species, we often see growth differences within days after sprouting. Even during germination the vitalized seeds consistently produced longer tap roots and more seeds germinate.

Nutrient Density
Several nutrition analysis tests comparing control water fed vs vitalized water fed vegetables consistently show significant increases in minerals and nutrients. The quality of crops are enhanced.

Resistance to Temperature Change
Vitalized water shows a greater resistance to temperature change. Experiments have shown vitalized water takes approximately 14% longer to boil, and 27% longer to freeze, as compared to control water.