About Dúnedain

Dúnedain is a small and growing team of like-minded folks. Integrity, compatibility, passion - these are the most important ingredients. We all share a commitment for sustainability on all levels. Somehow, someway, we will do more than nothing in addressing inefficiencies. Our intent is to play our part in moving this planet forward in a most generative fashion.

This fellowship of four individuals is led by Len Murray. Len is a builder, software engineer and inventor with much to do. Recently, Len has come up with a way to enhance water’s electrical potential which has important implications across several industries, including agriculture, potable water and energy.

Dúnedain is ready to launch a start-up to help make this special water accessible to the world. Our first commercialized attempt at putting all this into action is “Water Tech-Ag”. Let’s start by addressing what we eat - fruits & vegetables. Higher quality crops with a significantly increased biomass. Then we’ll go from there.

Len Murray

The New Team

Interested in helping? We would be interested in hearing from you.

Please consider carefully the "big three" mentioned above: integrity, compatibility, passion. These are key ingredients, for sure. They can't be manufactured and won't show up on a resume. These big three precede any formal between the lines if you like.

Here's what we need for starters:

Business / Marketing
We need a visionary business mind to help first launch this effort into the agricultural world and then to help us grow and adapt to changes, to become pervasive, and to build the filtration and energy directions. A marketing expert is key in helping distribute these important technologies. This special position is waiting for that diamond mind; it is a unique opportunity for a unique individual.

If you are a crack engineer, not only out of the box, but out of the Platonic solid thinker, please consider this. Think beyond water tech-ag, and into developing a water battery and a desalination device that runs on visible and infrared light. Nano tech is a plus, but it is primarily that high frequency mindstream we are looking for. A mix of hands-on and behind a computer you are.

Fearless, confident, someone who would make Nikola Tesla proud - we favor the bold.

Mechanic is not a good descriptor: Craftsman may be better.  A creative builder to construct and assemble vitalizer devices. Metal working, some electrical, basic plumbing, a bit of machining - various trades. We look at these products with equal emphasis on function/performance as well as works of art. High quality craftsmanship is the goal, super reliable and beautiful products.

Black belt in effort, quality and the ability to see each product - no matter how many you build - as the first one.

Dúnedain has an on-going mission to perfect the “secret sauce” - the ultimate vitalized water. We have stumbled around the world of horticulture, continually perfecting the vitalization process, but cannot claim entry into the green thumb club. We need an expert to help build and maintain a structured approach to establishing the ultimate water and the optimal calibration system for all crops.

If Tom Bombadil were a grower...

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