start-up team

Dúnedain is looking to build an unconventional team of highly compatible and passionate individuals who understand the power of unity. Our powered water has the capacity to affect several industries.


Past experience is not necessarily the best indicator in determining whether you are qualified for any of these positions; education - certainly not. While these won’t be ignored, we look for the things that never make it to a resume. If your heart sings when thinking about the opportunity to help distribute powered water and its related implications - talk to us. If your mouth waters at the prospect of distributing disruptive and sustainable technologies - join us.

At this early stage we are looking for up to 10 individuals with the following interests and inclinations. Most of these positions will lead into department heads as the company grows. Please remember, this is a start-up. No matter how much planning goes into building a smooth running business, things won’t go that way. Buttons you never knew existed will be pushed. Be prepared to wear lots of hats in the beginning of this exciting and challenging venture.

Business / Marketing
Grower → Plant Whisperer
Mechanic → Artist
Tech / Data / Webmaster
Back Office (bookkeeper, admin, gopher, etc.)

If any of these positions are appealing to you please send us a note. If you seem appealing to us we’ll get the conversation started.

Please note: these are all on-site positions, no remote work. We are located in the Corvallis area of Oregon, USA.