Dúnedain is derived from Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”, the silent protectors of the world. Dúnedain is a small team of kindred spirits led by Len Murray.
Len Murray

Len has a background in construction, software / system architect, and more recently has developed a new periodic table of elements and new atomic structure. This new atomic structure - where the atom is a white vortex, the antithesis of a black hole - includes many new atomic properties and behaviors, and the introduction of a new energy. The formless void is the home of unified pure energy potential; matter gives that energy a workable form. Matter in motion, resonance and cavitation are the doorways to unlocking that generative energy potential.

The current Dúnedain focus is on water. The seemingly simple hydrogen and oxygen molecule which we call H₂O hides many secrets and special qualities. The beginning of unlocking water’s potential is having the ability to enhance its electrical potential - this we have done. The next step is the development of technologies for filtration, desalination and energy production. Some of this we have also done, as a proof of concept. Now is the time to scale it up and commercialize these technologies.

New H₂O molecule

We are launching a Water Tech start-up to further develop and distribute these technologies. If you feel the calling, check it out.